Wailele Falls

Located just before the Polynesian Culture Center, this hike will take you past a grove of palm trees and down a long, muddy path past various farming sites. When you start, make sure you are to the right of the small stream.



[wpvideo zS28VkJf]


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This is private property and a permit is required by the HRI (at the Laie shopping center) although no one will ever ask you if you have a permit and the office doesn’t even give you anything to prove you have a permit. The first 30 minutes is uneventful and not very pretty.

After the first part then things get exciting. You will spend some time ducking under dense foliage and hopping over rocks as you cross the river multiple times. This part is very pretty and somewhat challenging at parts due to the mud, tree roots, and rocks.

Once you make it to the falls you will find a medium-sized swimming hole with a rope swing and beautiful, wide, waterfall. The rope swing is super fun and you can also climb the falls and jump off from the top.

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