A comprehensive guide with all the best things to do on Oahu

What’s in the guide

  • Over 150 activities with descriptions and prices
  • Links to websites for more information so you can easily decide what to do… and then book!
  • Activities conveniently organized in 6 regions of Oahu to maximize your time–it even includes maps!
  • Must-do activities marked with stars so that you don’t miss out on anything
  • 10 daily itineraries based on must-do activities in each region
  • 31 of the best restaurants serving Hawaii’s unique cuisine

This is the only resource you need to plan your activities! In the guide you’ll find all the best:

– Hikes

– Tours

– Snorkeling

– Kayaking / SUP

– Sights

– Beaches

– Surfing

– Attractions

– Spas

– Restaurants

– Local tips

– And much more!

“It was so great not to have to search for hours for the things we wanted to do. We were able to pack our schedule with all the best things and make the most of the time we had on Oahu!”

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