Mermaid Caves – Magical Underwater Caves on Oahu

Mermaid Caves
Mermaid Caves Beach

Mermaid Caves are fairly easily accessible and exploring them is an incredible and unique adventure. The underground beach and beauty make this a must-do on Oahu.

These caves are one good reason to go to the west side of the island. The leeward side is not my favorite since the tall mountains on the windward side block it from getting much rain so during the summer instead of green you see yellow everywhere. Beside that, there are some incredible beaches and the mountains are very green and pretty during the winter. There are also some dangerous places, so be careful!

When facing the ocean at Zablan beach, head out left toward the lava rocks, there’s a sort of path toward the caves but the rocks can still be jagged and sharp. If you keep left and walk for just a few minutes on the lava rocks then see some openings to Mermaid Caves! There are multiple holes but the main one is maybe an 8-10 foot drop with a small, underground beach. Definitely plan to go during low-tide or these will be inaccessible and the waves violent. During low tide the water is shallow but the waves and tide are still incredibly powerful. Use the cave ceiling to hold on to for stability when the waves come.

The fact that you’re in an underground cave is awesome and the colors of the cave and water are beautiful. The further you go out toward the ocean the bigger the waves and the stronger the tide. Be careful as there are sharp boulders under the water and the tide will push you around. There are multiple holes in the rock ceiling where you can exit but some are a bit of a climb. EXERCISE CAUTION–don’t get stuck too far out.

I love exploring places like Mermaid Caves–other similar adventures include Halona Blowhole, Beach, and Lava Cave and Mokulua Island.

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Tide pools on the way to Mermaid Caves
Tide pools on the way to Mermaid Caves


Mermaid Caves - view from the ocean side
Mermaid Caves – view from the ocean side


One of the many holes to Mermaid Caves
One of the many holes to Mermaid Caves


Light rays shining through to Mermaid Caves
Light rays shining through to Mermaid Caves


The underground beach at low tide with light shining through holes in the ceiling

The water is crystal clear as a wave flows to the underground shore


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