Likeke Falls – Easiest Waterfall Hike on Oahu

Likeke Falls is a relatively small waterfall but the hike is super easy and short. There is a small pool at the bottom and you can climb up almost to the top of the falls (sort of dangerous but fun). There is also an awesome lookout that faces Kailua.

Distance: .8 miles

Elevation Gain: 206 ft

Overall, this is an easy, less-popular hike to a decent waterfall!

Getting to Likeke Falls

From Honolulu, take the Pali Highway north and exit onto Kamehameha Hwy. From there turn left onto Kahiko Street, right on Kionaole Rd and then enter the parking lot for the Ko’olau Golf Club. I recommend using the above Google map to get there!

Likeke Falls Trail

The Trailhead

Stick to the very southeast corner of the parking lot as that is exactly where the trail starts.

There are two entrances to the trail that both converge after about 30 seconds, so don’t worry about which one to take initially. When you get to the water tank, keep left.

The Trail

The trail is very short and relatively easy. The only two potential setbacks could be mud after heavy rains that could cause the trail to be slippery, and the fact that there are many different trails that frequently fork from the right path.

Do yourself a favor and use Alltrails – Likeke Falls. You will get lost if you don’t use the app because the correct trail is not apparent.

The trail is pretty maintained and easy–nothing technical. Be sure to check the AllTrails app frequently because there is an unusual tree to the right of the trail that marks a right turn and you might miss it. It’s somewhat faint, but there is a right arrow etched onto the tree. I missed it and kept following the main path for about 10 minutes before realizing we were off course and had to turn around. I guess the trail heads in three different directions and was told there are other smaller waterfalls but I never found them.

The Falls

Once you turn right the path is easy to recognize and follow. After about 10-20 minutes you should reach the two-tiered falls! There is plenty of space to relax and take in the views and there may be a very small pool at the bottom. Also, opposite the falls there is a pretty nice view of Kailua.

Though not very tall, the falls are pretty and the adventurous souls can sort of rock climb to the top. For the less adventurous, the base of Likeke Falls is a peaceful area to just chill.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is not an adventurous, challenging or particularly rewarding hike but if you want to take it easy or find a family-friendly waterfall hike then Likeke Falls is perfect!

For another easy, short hike, check out Manoa Falls – Short, Gorgeous Hike with Super Tall Falls.

The Pali

Another awesome thing about this hike is that it is located at the bottom of the awesome, tall and majestic Ko’olau Mountain Range. After heavy rains you can witness tons of waterfalls streaking down the many shoots.

It tends to rain in this area very often so make sure to check the weather and be prepared. The trail may be wet, muddy, and slippery, and there may be potential for flash flooding.

High above Likeke Falls is the Pali Lookout where King Kamehameha drove Oahu’s warriors off the cliff in order to conquer the island. Needless to say, this is a historic and incredibly beautiful place!


Because it is so wet here there are a ton of bugs and mosquitos. Having bug spray is a must or you’ll be constantly pestered by a swarm of mosquitos throughout the hike.

Make sure to bring proper footwear so that you don’t injure yourself and can have traction through the mud.

As always, bring plenty of water!

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’re planning on hiking to Likeke Falls, you may also consider the following:

  • The Pali Lookout
    • This is the best lookout on Oahu with spectacular views of the windward side of the island.
  • Pali Golf Course
    • One of my favorite golf courses with awesome views at the base of the Ko’olau Mountains.
  • Lulumahu Falls
    • A much larger waterfall with an awesome swimming pool at the bottom, though the hike is longer and more difficult.
  • Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens
    • The gardens are free to enter and you can get bamboo fishing poles to use at the large pond!
  • Maunawili Falls
    • One of my favorite waterfall hikes on Oahu–it’s a little strenuous to get to but absolutely gorgeous with multiple levels for jumping into the pool below

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