Likeke Falls – Easiest Waterfall Hike on Oahu

Likeke Falls is a relatively small waterfall but the hike is super easy and short. There is a small pool at the bottom and you can climb up almost to the top of the falls (sort of dangerous but fun). There is also an awesome lookout that faces Kailua.

Lulumahu Falls

The trail starts right off the Pali Hwy and the hike is pretty easy and short. Leaving the parking lot you’ll walk through some very dense foliage and then up onto a trail through some open area with a river to the left. It’s a pretty good-sized waterfall with a tiny swimming hole at the bottom.

Maunawili Falls

This is a great hike but if it has rained recently will be very slippery and there are tree roots everywhere that make the trek a little difficult at times. Most of the trail follows a river and there is even an old Indiana Jones-type bridge you can find if you venture a little off the path.

Hamama Falls

The actual trail for this hike is one of the best/easiest, flattest, and best maintained trails on the island. The hike is pretty easy but there are some strenuous inclines as these falls are located near the top of the mountain. Along the way is a fun swimming spot with a slide and beautiful valley views. The trail is very pretty, usually with thick foliage on both sides.

5 Makaua Falls Tips – Best Short Waterfall Hike on Oahu

The Makaua Falls hike is one of my favorites and, if the falls are flowing, is an incredible sight. This is only a one-mile out-and-back hike but you will be following the river and hopping rocks for a lot of it. Be very careful if it has been raining hard as the river can be intense and impassable.

Wailele Falls

Located just before the Polynesian Culture Center, this hike will take you past a grove of palm trees and down a long, muddy path past various farming sites. When you start, make sure you are to the right of the small stream.

Waimea Valley Falls

This cool little valley is directly across from famous Waimea Bay and has plenty of parking. You’ll have to pay for entry into the valley, which features restaurants, stores, a cool peacock, beautiful gardens, and a nice waterfall with swimming hole at the end.

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