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my familyThe first time we visited Oahu we had an absolute blast–it’s not hard to be blown away. Since visiting we knew we at least wanted to return soon and that desire turned into wanting to live in Hawaii. We got that chance and moved to Oahu within a month of our first baby being born.

After living here for a while we realized that there is so much to do and see that we didn’t get to experience our first time here. Most of our favorite activities are things we had never even heard of before and never would have experienced without being residents.

Every Saturday we turn into tourists and take advantage of everything we possibly can. We have done dozens of incredible hikes and have rarely been disappointed–we strap our baby to our backs and head through jungles, ravines, high ridges, and usually end up at impressive waterfalls.

We’ve been blown away by awesome sights like the Halona Blowhole and Mermaid Caves. We love exploring places like the Queen’s Bath on Mokulua Island and swimming through underwater caves at Shark’s Cove.

It is our goal to visit every worthwhile beach, do every hike, enjoy every attraction at least once, see all the sights and historical places, and literally take advantage of every little thing Oahu has to offer.

We’ve been fortunate to have done and seen nearly everything. We still have some hikes to check off and are still mustering the courage to go sky diving.

We love Oahu and genuinely want you to have the best experience on Oahu, too.

We want people to make the most of their vacations and experience Oahu like we have. That’s why we offer personalized Oahu activity planning. Google wasn’t enough for us and Trip Advisor’s suggestions weren’t well-tailored to us.

We spent hours of research and it wasn’t until actually coming and doing it all that we have an appreciation for what activities are worth it and which are just advertising hype.

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